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Leigh Pringle, President. Leigh has over 34 years of industry experience as a Design Engineer, Test Engineer, Firmware Engineer, Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, Vice President, President and CEO. Leigh was previously a founder and president of Auburn Electronics Group and has worked for and consulted with with such companies as Volcano Theraputics, Applied Control Electronics, VeriFone, GE, Silicon Graphics, Convergent Technologies/Unisys Corporation, Simucad, US Army/US Air Force/DoD, SAIC International, Energy Absorption Systems, Hydrolynx, Incline technologies, SolidData, Spinnaker Microwave, Baldwin Environmental, California Legislative Data Center, Zero Motorcycles, Rapiscan, Raven Industries, Proteus, Analogic, Loctronics, Questar Electronic Design, Ramko Research, Z-World Engineering, Intel Corporation, Grass Valley Group, Synesis, Network Equipment Technologies and Unimedia/RGB Display Corporation.  Leigh has been a member of various industry organizations and is a member of IEEE.

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