Pringle Electronics Group

                                    Westshore Systems, LLC

Pringle Electronics Group  (PEG) was formed in 1996 as a consultancy for electronic product development services. Since that time, we have kept our focus on the areas where we are strongest and can provide the highest level of service and value to our clients. In 2009, Westshore Systems, LLC was formed to address our emerging Industrial Control product offerings and semi-custom product business. PEG offers full beginning to end product development services, but will also "fit in" to your design flow wherever needed. Relationships may be anywhere from a few hours of help, review or brainstorming to a long term concept to production effort. PEG is still serving clients which date back to the company's beginnings. PEG works with a close network of specialists in various areas of product development to bring in all necessary skills and resources required to achieve success on a project by project basis. PEG also has alliances with turnkey contract manufacturers for prototype through production solutions.

While the majority of PEG's work has been in embedded systems, FPGA and SoC, we have also developed solutions for a variety of other products and markets as well. Recent projects have included a  Xilinx ZYNQ SoC embedded Linux port for aerospace, Altera SoC embedded Linux application for industrial control (with Synapse Wireless SNAP Mesh network as well), ARM based controllers for appliance industry (including LCD graphics/touch screen), power monitoring/analysis instruments, electric vehicles, POS terminals, networking and many other embedded control applications, AVR/AVR32 based designs for appliance, automotive (including CAN and OBDII), RV industry, Homeland Security/threat detection and many others. Other projects have included medical products and defense/aerospace, audio and video, consumer products, and many others. FPGA projects have included MRI and other medical, industrial control, data acquisition, Homeland Security and many more.

Tools List (As of May 4, 2013)

Full lab includes Tektronix oscilloscopes and logic analysers, Bluetooth, CAN and USB testers, programmers for all popular microcontrollers, FPGA configuration devices, PLD/CPLD, other memory devices, etc., plus other test equipment. Emulators/developer kits for TI (Sitara, Stellaris and MSP430), Freescale (Kinetis), Atmel (AVR, AVR XMega, AVR32), Microchip (PIC 12, 16, 18 24 and 32 series), Cypress (PSoC 1, 3, 4, 5 series), STMicro (STM32), NXP (LPC1xxx), Altera (all SoC, FPGA and CPLD families), Xilinx (all SoC, FPGA and CPLD families), 8x51 (Atmel and other brands), several others as well.

Design Software List (As of May 4, 2013, all software is current)

Cadence OrCAD Capture and Allegro PCB, Mentor PADS Flow, Pads Logic, DX Designer and Sourcery-Code Bench-ARM, Altera QuartusII/QSys, Modelsim and SoC Embedded Suite (beta release), Xilinx ISE Embedded Suite and Vivado Design Suite, Cypress PSoC Designer and PSoC Creator, IAR EWARM, Atmel Studio, CodeVision-AVR, TI Code Composer Studio, Renesas e2 Studio and HEW, Microchip MPLAB, MPLABX, CCS-PIC, Rowley CrossStudio ARM, Embarcadero C++ Builder XE3 and many others.

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